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Review of Eliza Fragrances Lip products and Eyeshadows

Hi guys!!! I know long time no post from me.

Life has been UBER hectic and crazy.

I went on my vaca in June and ended up with my sister, and her 3 kids moving in with me and my mom….So we had to move and yeah. Its just been crazy!

I’ve had no time for doing my makeup, let alone reviews. So I thought I’d jump in with a review on some stuff I’ve been meaning to review for months now that things are starting to settle down.


Sooo, today I have a review of Eliza Fragrances lip stick, lip rouge, lip and cheek tint, and eyeshadows.

I do want to mention now that I do have some samples of her fragrances that I need to review but right now I sadly can’t find them. 😦 But as soon as I do find them they will be up in a review as well. 🙂

















(clockwise: Paulette lipstick, Bette lipstick, Hedy lip rouge, Rouge for lips and cheeks, and eyeshadows)



First up are the eyeshadows:












(L-R: Orchid, Champagne, and Turquoise)













(L-R: Orchid, Champagne, Turquoise)


Orchid is a lovely light purple/lavender color that leans really blue in certain lights

Champagne is just a lovely skintone color with some silver sheen/sparkle to it.

Turquoise is a lovely bright blue color with some green/silver sparkle to it.


These are all satin colors so there is no real big glitter chunks. They are all super pigmented as the swatches are on dry bare skin with no primer underneath. They are also all super soft.


Next is the Rouge for lips and cheeks which is the big container in the main picture. Sorry I’m alittle rusty and forgot to get individual product shots of the lip products. D:
















(swatch on back of hand)















This sadly doesn’t have a name other than rogue for lips and cheeks.

Its a lovely strawberry red/pink color that gives a nice natural enhancement to your lips.

Its not greasy at all and almost looks like a stain on your lips.

I haven’t had a chance to try this out on the cheeks yet but I do love it on the lips.


Up next is the Lipstick in Bette:













This is Bette on the lips, and I have to say it is my FAVORITE lipstick of all time at the moment.

I feel it goes with just about any look you can think of.

Bette is a lovely rasberry pink color with a hint of purple to it on my skintone.

These lipsticks I find last a really long time on my lips. Especially once they “set”.

They are not drying at all and have a lovely creamy texture to them.


Next is the lipstick in Paulette:












Paulette is a lovely bright magenta color with some purple in it as well.

I love this one as well but its SUPER bright on me haha.

Again it has the same texture as Bette.



Last but not least is the lip rouge in Hedy:













Hedy lip rouge comes in a pot rather than a tube. So you need a lip brush to apply it.

Hedy is a lovely red with some berry undertones. I love it against my fair skin.

Its creamy, easy to apply and layer, and long lasting again. 🙂



Overall I really love everything I got from Eliza Fragrances. I know I will deffinatly be buying Bette once I run out.

Also, the owner is also working on new lip glosses as well which I am excited to hopefully try someday, as well as a halloween collection.

I highly recommend anything from Eliza Fragrances!! (Especially Bette!!)


So if you’d like to check out the company go to their facebook page here and have a look around:


You will not be disappointed!! 🙂


I hope you all are having a lovely day and I’m so glad to be back!! I’ve missed you all. 🙂






These items were sent to me for review purposes, but all opinions are my own and 100% honest.

I am not being paid to do this review.