Sugarpill Overload!!!

So today I have a HUGE and I mean HUGE Sugarpill cosmetics post for you.

This is going to be very long, and very pic heavy, so please bear with me! I have had some requests for this so I thought I’d do it. 🙂

I will show both swatches, and pictures of the packaging, as well as giving color descriptions, and kinda a mini revie.

I have all the pressed shadows that Sugarpill currently makes. Including the new ones just released friday, as well as two of the Chromalusts.


All swatches are over primer only! No other bases under them!!

So lets get started!!!

















(Front of palette)













(back of palette)
















(palette opened up)











Flamepoint: Bright matte orange

Buttercupcake: Bright matte yellow

Love +: Bright matte red

Poison Plum: Bright yet deep matte dark purple



Sweet Heart Palette:



I will not bore you with a picture of the front of this palette as it is the same as the burning heart one.














(back of palette)

















(palette open)










From L-R:

Dollypop: Bright matte hot pink

Afterparty: Bright blue with a slight sheen to it.

Midori: Bright green with a slight sheen to it.

Tako: Matte white



Heart Breaker Palette:

















(front of palette)















(back of palette)

















(palette open)













From L-R:

Acidberry: Shimmery bright chartusse green/yellow

Velocity: Bright mostly matte royal blue

2am: Bright purple with undertones of pink and white/lavender shimmer

Mochi: shimmery aqua/mint color


Single Shadow in Bulletproof:

















(top of compact)















(bottom of compact)
















(compact open)
















Bulletproof: matte black


Chromalust’s in Absinthe and Lumi:















(top of container)














(bottom of containers)















(product in containers, L-R: Absinthe and Lumi)













Absinthe: a bright and extremely sparkly acidy lime green

Lumi: A very sparkly white with a teal/blue duochrome to it





So, let me start off by saying that I absolutely LOVE Sugarpill Cosmetics. Everything from them in my opinion is really great.

All the shadows are smooth, a couple can be a tad powdery. (Mainly Mochi) They all blend beautifly and are super bright on their own, but even more pumped up over a white base.

The packaging I think is lovely. The palettes are magnetic, which means if you want to condense your eyeshadows down into other palettes you can, you just feel around on the back of the palette for the little “bumps” those are little holes that you can stick a paperclip through to pop out the shadows. 🙂 Also, the palettes are made of cardboard, but feel very sturdy and hefty. They also come with a huge mirror in the lid, which is lovely.

The Chromalusts are amazing, very pigmented and smooth as well for being so shimmery/glittery. they stick to the lids very well. I sadly only have two at the moment but eventually want to get alot more!

All the products in my opinion are great quality and I am in love with them.

Also the customer service at Sugarpill is amazing! When I got my Burning Heart palette in the mail, my poision plum shadow had shattered, so I emailed them to see what they could do if anything, all they asked for was a picture of the broken shadow and then they sent out a replacement pan to me for free! Very quickly too!


So overall I really enjoy and love sugarpill. I highly recommend them!!


Is there anything you are seriously wanting/drooling over from them? I’d love to know! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this super long post and commend anyone who made it through!! lol.




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  1. I WANT MY HEARTBREAKER! 😀 Lovely swatches, dear!

  2. I’m craving lumi, absinthe and magpie. I just got my heartbreaker palette sooo excited about it. I already have asylum, goldilux, weekender, tipsy, burning heart palette and a couple samples lol. I would buy more but I’m broke as a joke with the military moving us around so much.

    • Lumi is amazing haha. I use it quite a bit. Even makes an interesting highlighter on the cheekbones. 🙂
      I’m super excited about the heartbreaker palette myself. I need to get around to doing a look with it haha. I’ve been lazy lately.
      Oh, I know what you mean about being broke as heck. haha. I’m the same way. 🙂
      I’m craving all the pigments that I don’t own from Sugarpill. They are all so gorgeous!

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