SweetPea&Fay Liquid Lipstick Swatches/Mini Review.

Hey all, long time no blog I know.

I’ve just been quite busy lately, and kinda overwhelmed.

But today I have some swatches and a mini review of SweetPea&Fay’s Liquid Lipsticks. 🙂

They had a sale a little while ago and I got 3 of their lipsticks. 🙂


So here we go with the swatches, I’ll also include full face pics of me wearing the lipsticks.


























Penelope is a lovely bright pink with purple undertones. I think this is my fave outta the ones I got.




























Imogen is a bright true pink color. Very pretty.




























Nantes is described on their site as a rose color with maroon undertones, but honestly I have no idea how to describe this myself.


Also this is the one that I really want y’alls opinions on, do you think it looks good on me??
































These come in squeezy tubes, which for liquid lipsticks I don’t mind.

The only issue I really have with these are that they are super hard to get out of the tube due to the consistancy it is.

These are very thick and super pigmented. You only need alittle bit to get great coverage.

You can apply them with a brush, or your finger. I’ve done both and they both work well.

These do have a scent, which is a very strong vanilla cake type scent. Almost like MAC lipsticks, but they have no taste to them.

Also, the lasting power is pretty well with these.


Overall I really do like these alot, my fave is penelope for sure but I can see myself wearing these alot and want to get more from them.


So I hope you enjoyed!!




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