Stella Starish Swatchfest Part 1

Hey guys!!!

I have another swatchfest for y’all of StellaStarish stuff!! I placed a big order a week or so ago for her 2 new colletions, new lipsticks, and some regular eyeshadows. πŸ™‚

I’m very excited to show you all the goodies!!

In this post I will be showing you all the eyeshadows, and in the next, the lipsticks. πŸ™‚

Be warned it will be very pic heavy!


All swatches are done over Nyx Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk.


So, first up I have the Gods and Goddess II collection:






















Humera – A bright yellow orange with LOADS of shimmer to it.

Apollo – A very bright true yellow with loads of shimmer.

Eros – A gorgeous pink with just a hint of purple with alot of shimmer to it, kinda reflects a bit of purple to me.

Dionysus – A very nice purple with blue undertones and loads of shimmer to it.

Poseidon – A very gorgeous bright blue with alot of shimmer.


These are all really gorgeous and have so much shimmer to them that they practically glow!!


There are 5 colors in this collection just like the original, but these are all really bright colors where the first half were all pretty dark/black based shadows.


Next up we have the Summer Haze collection:




















Pasty – Shimmer white

Skinny Dip – Slightly yellow matte flesh toned

Golden Girl – Gorgeous shimmery gold color with a hint of green to it.

Just Right – Golden bronze shimmer

Over Exposed – Shimmery redish orangish brown

Fake Baked – Matte redish brown with just a hint of orange to it.

Tan Line – Shimmery orange bronze

Under Done – Matte taupy brown, alil more brown Β then grey tho.

Bronzed – Lovely shimmer dark bronze color, more of a brown bronze.


This is a neutral collection that Stella came out with for the summer, all are really gorgeous and there are 3 mattes to this collection.


Lastly I have the colors that are a part of her regular line that I bought:
























Top row L-R:

Cloudy – Shimmery white with blue, purple, and pink shimmers

UFO – Shimmery olive green

Zenon – Vibrant shimmery limey green with gold to it

Bermuda Triangle – Matte teal color.

Twilight – gorgeous shimmer dark blue with purple hues and lots of silver sparkle


Bottom Row L-R:

Tucana – Gorgeous matte bright blue.

Sunset – Bright orange with alot of pink sparkle that makes it look coral.

Autumnal Equinox – Lovely shimmer orange with red tones to it. Reminds me of fall.

Celestial – Amazing softish yellow with alot of green sparkle to it.

Jupiter – shimmery redish gold.



So that is all the shadows that I have to show you that I ordered.

I am aboslutely in love with all of these and cannot wait to play around with them!!! πŸ˜€


Stay tuned for the swatches of the lippies coming up soon as I can. πŸ˜€


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  1. You should try and swatch them without a colored base under them. That way you can see what they look like without a white base. For those who don’t have white bases, and can see what they look like without it. Other than that, love the colors.

  2. Oh I understand I’ll keep it in mind. πŸ™‚

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