Unbound Eden Cosmetics Haul/Swatches

Hey guys!!

So awhile ago UEC (unbound eden cosmetics) had a sale and I picked up 2 of her cream lipcolors and 5 of her solid perfumes.

Here are the lip swatches:



























Skin is a gorgeous nude color, kinda peachy with alil pink. I absolutely LOVE this one so much!!


Heres what it looks like with the makeup I wore today. (sorry for me looking frazzled and redish, I just got done walking home. >.>)














As I said, I freaking LOVE this one so much!! I can see myself wearing it alot.




























Freyja is a gorgeous redish pinky color with some purple sparkle to it that you can see better in real life and in the pic of the tube than the pic of it on my lips. Love this one as well and will deff be wearing it alot.












The 5 solid perfumes that I got are:

Bran Castle ( tangerine, mandarin,  musk, patchouli, red wood and moss), Delightful Mermaid (cotton candy, spun sugar, creamy vanilla and musk), Thieves’ Emerald (green apples with a hint of spice and a slight bubbly effervescence), Owl’s Flight (patchouli, cedar wood and orange), and Spirited Stillness (pomegranate blended with a soft, creamy vanilla).

I got the scent discriptions from her blog post where she listed them at. xD


I absolutely love them all, I’m wearing delightful mermaid right now and its amazing, I’ve had it on for a few hours now and its still going strong. Also Thieves’ Emerald smells like hot apple cider to me!!! Its quite yummy. 😀


I’m really happy with my order and cannot wait to order more from UEC!!


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  1. Some of those solid perfumes sound like they smell divine! I really like the nude lip color! :O

  2. Both those lip creams work really well for you! Thanks for the swatches. I’d like to try one of her lipsticks and was looking for reviews.

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