Tick Tock Cosmetics Haul and Swatches

Hey guys!! So I got a small pack of goodies in the mail today. 😀

I had placed my first ever order with Tick Tock cosmetics, and went alil overboard. I had originally just planned on ordering the Abby Rose eyeshadow because the procedes go to helping a 13 year old girl who needs a kidney transplant but then I saw some other goodies that I just had to have. 😀


But on to pictures and swatches.















I got three shadows and a lip gloss. (the pic above shows the bottom labels, the tops have no labels on them and are just clear)

I got their St. Patricks day gloss in Kiss Me I’m Irish, and their shadows in Abby Rose, Atomic Clock and Love Bug.

Love Bug was on clearance from their valentines collection.

Abby Rose is the color that all proceeds made from it goes to a little girl who needs a kidney transplant.

And Automic Clock is a brand new color that was just released not that long ago.


Here are swatches on my bare hand with just alil TFSI under them:














Abby Rose is a gorgeous pink color with a green shift and sparkle.

Atomic Clock is a really gorgeous orange with a purple shift to it.

Love Bug is a very pretty purply color with pink sparkle to it.


Here are all three again over a black base:















Here you can see the shift to the first two colors, on Love Bug it doesn’t really change the color, just makes it barely visable. LOL.


And here is a hand swatch of the gloss, its gorgeous on the lips but I couldn’t capture the sparkles to it on the lips tho in real life you can deffinatly see them on the lips.















Kiss Me, I’m Irish is a very sheer green gloss loaded with alot of green and gold and alil blue sparkle.



So thats my little haul/swatches of my Tick Tock cosmetics order. 😀 I deff will be getting more eventually.

I absolutely adore Atomic Clock and the gloss, they have to be my two fave things in the order tho honestly, I love everything!!


I hope you enjoyed and are having a lovely day wherever you are!!


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