Simply Sweet Skin Lip Honey and Lip Cream Swatchfest!

Hey guys!!

Today I have for you another swatchfest. 😀

This time tho its all lip products from one of my favorite companies Simply Sweet Skin.

I just got a bunch of her lip honeys when she was having a sale a week or two ago and then just arrived so I thought I’d do swatches of all of them that I own. 😀

I also now have two of her lip creams which she is in the process of reformulating to be more pigmented, and shes coming out with new colors I belive. (don’t quote me on that) So I did swatches of those as well. 🙂


Now on to swatches and pics! (Pic heavy!!)

Also, as an FYI, all swatches are done with a light(normal)/medium layer of the gloss, they can be built up to more intensity.























This one is called Muah-genta. Its a gorgeous purply pink color with a lovely shine.

























This one is called Always A Bridesmaid, its a gorgeous pinky coral color with alil bit of gold shimmer it looks like.
























Next up is Zombie Love. Its a gorgeous green gloss with some gold and green shimmers to it! I’m surprised at how much I love this one! Very different but if applied sheerer (like above) very wearable!
























This is Crush, its a lovely pale peachy gloss with a teal and pink shimmer/reflect to it. The reflect is more aparent in real life but you can kinda see it here. Love this one!

























This one is called Once Bitten, its a gorgeous red gloss with some coppery gold sheen to it. I absolutely LOVE this color, it has to be (probably) my favorite of all the glosses that I have from Simply Sweet Skin.


























The last lip honey that I have to show you is called Flaunt, its a gorgeous copper/bronze gloss that I am in love with!!



Now on to the two Lip Creams that I have. (Lip creams are kinda like lip balms but with more pigmentation and just a touch of sheen, very hard to describe.)


























This lip cream is called Color Of Love, its a gorgeous pinky red color with alil sheen to it. (no shimmer) Its actually in the tube a gorgeous rasberry red color with light pink swirled together to get this color. I wear this quite frequently.

























The last lip cream that I have is called Frosted Berries, its a gorgeous pinkish purple in the tube but sadly its VERY sheer on the lips. 😦 I really wish this was more pigmented, but I will still wear it.



So that is all that I have in the way of Simply Sweet Skin lip honeys and lip creams. 🙂


I will say that I adore her lip products (all of her products really). The lip honeys are smooth and easy to apply and not sticky at all! I love that they are buildable so you can choose if you want full color, or something more sheer. Also they are not sticky at all and all have a lovely smell and taste good too! (smells/tastes can be different depending on the color)

The lip creams are so lovely and smooth and I cannot wait to try more of them once they are re-released and reformulated to be more pigmented. 😀


So I hope you enjoyed that swatchfest and reveiw!! 🙂


Simply Sweet Skin Shop:



DISCLAIMER: Most of these products were bought and paid for with my own money, but two of them were sent to me for free for review purposes (color of love lip cream and zombie love lip honey) This does not change my opinion or anything, I will always share my honest opinions with y’all.


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