Stella Starish Swatchapolooza.

Hey all! I hope you are having a lovely day wherever you are! 🙂

So today I bring you (if you couldn’t tell by the tittle) swatches of all the Stella Starish piggies I currently own. I will also be doing my best to provide some descriptions for ya. 🙂

I tried my best to group these by color family haha.

Also, these are all swatched dry with NO BASE!



So with that lets get started!!







These are the pinks/oranges that I own from her.

From L to R: Pluto, Circinus, Cassiopea, Zeta, Cancer, Invasion

Pluto is a very pale peachy pink color with alot of sparkle, looks like some gold, pink, and copper sparkle to me.

Circinus is a nice pinky color with alot of sparkle to it, looks like orange to me.

Cassiopea is again a pink color but this one has A LOT of gold and alil copper sparkle to it. Its absolutely gorgeous!

Zeta is a very bright magenta color with pink and purple sparkle.

Cancer is a lovely orange with copper, gold and alil pink shimmer.

Invasion is another orange, but this one is more of a red orange, it has alot of nice sparkle to it.


Now lets move onto the greens/blues I have from Stella.






From L to R: Extraterrestrial (ET), Kryptonite, Delphinis, Neptune, Serpens, Pavo.


ET is a lovely shimmery light green with it looks like a hint of gold.

Kryptonite is a very limey yellowy green color with shimmer.

Delphinis is a gorgeous greenish teal color with it looks like alil silver shimmer.

Neptune is a lovely deep teal color with a nice shimmer/sheen to it.

Serpens is a gorgeous dark tealy blue color with it looks like pink, purple, and alil green shimmer to it.

Pavo is a gorgeous blue with a gold duochrome to it.


Next up is the neutral colors.






L to R: Light Year, Lupus, Ursa Major, Milky Way, Tynea’s Tornado, Mercury.


Light year is a lovely shimmery white with alot of different colord sparkle in it.

Lupus is a gorgeous pale light silver color.

Ursa Major is a very pretty dark brown with some shimmer in it.

Milky Way is a gorgeous redish brown with alot of gold to it.

Tynea’s Tornado is a gorgeous grey with alot of purple sparkle to it.

Mercury is a dark almost gunmetal grey color with alot of sheen to it. Looks just like actual mercury.


Next is the purples:








L to R: Auriga, Gemini, Roswell, Overcast.


Auriga is a gorgeous matte pale lavender/purple.

Gemini is a very shimmery medium purple with a green shimmer to it.

Roswell is an amazing red tones purple with some gold to it. (one of my all time fave purples)

Overcast is a dusty purple with alil bit of a blueish cast to it along with pink sparkle.


Lastly I have Stella Starish’s Gods and Goddess collection.







L to R: Artemis, Athena, Medusa, Zeus, Hera.

Sorry that these swatches are alil wonky looking.


Artemis is an amazing deepend antique gold that has what looks like alil bit of green and copper sparkle to it.

Athena is a very pretty burgandy color.

Medusa is a very sparkly emerald green color.

Zeus is a sparkly saphire blue color with it looks like alil lighter blue sparkle.

Hera is a gorgeous dark shimmery purple color.

All of the Gods/Goddess collection have a blackish base to them.



So, that is all the Stella Starish piggies that I have right now. I am going to be buying more from her soon.

I am absolutely obsessed with her piggies, they are seriously probably the best I have ever used.

I cannot get enough of these!

Also an fyi if you like the gods/goddess collection, she will be coming out with a part two soon!

Oh, and these discriptions are my own and are not based on how she describes them, this is just how I see them. 🙂


I hope you all enjoyed!!


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