Stella Starish Haul/Open package

Hey all!! So today I got a much awaited package from Stella Starish.

I am so excited about this package, I love her cosmetics and her jewelry so much.

They are quickly becoming my favorites out of everything I own!

This is a huge order that I placed. I got 20 shadows and a necklace. I will have a swatchapolooza up next week when I can get good shots of all the colors in natural sunlight. 🙂

The colors that I got if you are interested are (in no particular order):

Auriga, Zeta, Ursa Major, Milky Way, Neptune, Delphinis, Cancer, Overcast, Light Year, Mercury, Pavo, Serpens, Extraterrestrial (ET), Lupus, Casseopia, Circinus, Invasion, Roswell, Tynea’s Tornado, and Kryptonite.


I got a pretty wide range of colors but I so wanna order more of Stella’s shadows!

























and heres a close up of the pendant. 😀 I’m absolutely in freaking love with this and will be wearing it ALL the time. Its very lightweight and well made. 😀












I seriouly recommend everyone go check out her site! (


I cannot wait to order more. 😀


Hope you all have a lovely day/night!!


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