New foundation.

Hey all! So today I went and bought MAC ProLongwear foundation.

I was wondering what y’all think of how it looks on me?

The lady at MAC gave me a shade darker than I usually am because she says that the foundation runs really light.

I trust all your opinions so I thought I’d post a couple pics and see what y’all thought.

Please ignore my hair and the fact that I’m barely wearing makeup. xD









































So, what do y’all think? does it match well?

All I have on is the foundation and mac msf natural in light on my skin, no blush or anything.

I also have mascara on and MAC bare again sheen supreme lipstick.


I hope y’all are having a lovely day!!


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  1. It really does match you! That is pretty awesome for having a shade darker! Can’t even really tell that you have a foundation on except for the little bit of red peaking through!

    • I know right?? and I don’t mind a tiny bit of red coming through as long as its majorly toned down. I’m suprised that it matches and is a shade darker. I was really worried about it not matching correctly

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